AirTran Airways Gets Travelers to ‚Go‘ In New TV Spots

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Four New Television Ads Use Humor to Sell Airline Seats

ORLANDO, Fla — Get up and „Go“ is the theme of four new TV spots from AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AAI). The spots, which debut today, illustrate how the low-fare carrier breaks down consumers‘ barriers with fares that make it easy to travel for business or leisure.

The Go campaign was launched in 2003 and challenges flyers to take charge of their travel plans, whether they are hopping a plane to solve a client problem or for a spur-of-the-moment getaway. Developed by the airline’s agency of record, Cramer-Krasselt of Chicago, the new television spots will debut in Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis and White Plains, NY.

„The consumer response to our television advertising has been overwhelmingly positive. Like our other commercials, these four new spots use humor in a very effective way to demonstrate to our consumers that AirTran Airways gives them what they want – low fares, new planes, affordable Business Class and friendly Crew Members,“ said Tad Hutcheson, AirTran Airways‘ vice president of marketing and sales. „The Go campaign uses comic situations to dramatize how AirTran Airways makes it possible to get where you need to be when you need to be there.“

In „Puppet,“ a man sits at a conference table across from a group of high- level executives. When asked where his partner is, he replies nervously, „Travel cutbacks. But … here’s little Bob.“ Then he pulls a ventriloquist dummy from under the table and forges ahead with his presentation on inventory management, taking speaking turns with the dummy. The lead client asks, „Is this a joke?‘ Meekly, the man with the dummy responds, „You talking to me?“ The voiceover says, „Trying to save your company a little money?“ On-screen graphics show AirTran Airways‘ website and the words, „Always our lowest fares.“

In „Restaurant,“ an employee at a Tex-Mex restaurant grudgingly does a song and dance while dressed in a jalapeno costume. His manager stops him in the middle of the song and dance, saying, „You’ve got to sell it, Brad.“ Then the manager demonstrates, complete with jazz hands, kicks and a sizzle sound while touching his backside. After watching this embarrassing display, the employee simply walks off. The voiceover says, „Sooner or later, we all need a vacation.“ On-screen graphics show AirTran Airways‘ system-wide low fares.

In „Brainstorm,“ a businessman hurriedly arrives straight from the airport at a company meeting, only to discover it’s a brainstorming session on what to put in the vending machine. As other employees serve up mundane suggestions like „potato chips“ and „those crackers with the cheese and the sticks,“ the man interrupts, asking, „You had me fly in for this?“ The other employees look at him, mystified that he doesn’t he see the meeting’s value. The voiceover says, „Maybe we make business trips a little too affordable.“ On-screen text reads, „Low fares. Every flight. Every seat.“

In „Tanning Salon,“ a pale woman sits in the waiting room of a tanning salon, watching as ridiculously tan regular customers emerge from their sessions. One leathery man says to the receptionist, referring to himself, „Who’s looking good now?“ Finally, a young woman appears, fried a deep shade of orange. The receptionist replies, „You’re going to be such a beautiful bride.“ As the pale woman looks on, dismayed, the voiceover says, „With our low fares to Florida, why not go for the real thing?“

These new spots represent the company’s first new television commercials in more than two years, and are combined with additional radio, print, online and outdoor advertising that promotes the company’s product offerings and fares.

AirTran Airways, a Fortune 1000 company and one of America’s largest low- fare airlines with more than 8,500 friendly, professional Crew Members, operates more than 700 daily flights to 56 destinations. The airline’s hub is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where it is the second largest carrier. AirTran Airways‘ aircraft features the fuel-efficient Boeing 737-700 and 717-200 to create America’s youngest all-Boeing fleet. The airline is the only airline with Business Class and XM Satellite Radio on every flight. For reservations or more information, visit (America Online Keyword: AirTran).

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