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Volvo Aero’s lightweight case technology chosen for the GP7000 engine for the Airbus A380


Pratt & Whitney has selected Volvo Aero to design and develop a new, lightweight turbine exhaust case (TEC) for the Engine Alliance GP7000 engine for Airbus’ new A380 jumbo jet. The agreement also anticipates that Volvo Aero will assume responsibility for manufacturing and product support for the TEC during the engine’s lifetime.

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Volvo Aero first to receive Supplier Gold award from United Technologies


Volvo Aero is the first company in the world to receive the “Supplier Gold” award from United Technologies (UTC), one of the US’ 20 largest manufacturing companies. The distinction represents an important confirmation that Volvo Aero meets UTC’s demanding requirements with regard to quality, ability to deliver and long-term customer service.

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Volvo Aero’s components passed the GEnx program test


General Electric’s new GEnx engine has underwent the “Fan Blade Out Test (FBO)”, as part of the engine certification process. An important objective of the FBO test is to demonstrate that the aircraft engine, at full speed, can lose one of its fan blades without the engine becoming detached from the aircraft wing.

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