New Intel Open Source Project ‚‘ Maximizes Power Savings in Linux Systems

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New Intel Open Source Project ‚‘ Maximizes Power Savings in Linux Systems

New Intel Open Source Project ‚‘ Maximizes Power Savings in Linux Systems

Intel Corporation announced the launch of an open source community project designed to meet the growing demands for increased energy efficiency across the computing spectrum spanning servers in data centers to personal mobile devices.

Unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum by Renee James, corporate vice president and general manager of Intel’s Software and Solutions Group, the initiative brings together the community of Linux developers, OSVs and end users to facilitate technology development, deployment and tuning and sharing of information around Linux power management.

For large data centers, server power consumption imposes limits on a center’s growth and has significant financial and environmental costs. In addition to the large data center customers, mobile users are also constrained by power consumption limits as battery space is continually squeezed with the overall reduction in size of mobile devices. In both the server and the mobile markets, Linux operating systems continue to grow in relevance and market segment share.

„We created to accelerate technology development and simplify information sharing for effective power management across a broad spectrum of devices and industry segments that are utilizing Linux,“ said James. „A focused initiative that aggregates the disparate efforts into a holistic system and builds on our existing efforts with the industry in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative will serve as a strong catalyst to get energy-efficient solutions into the market segment faster, thereby benefiting the customers who purchase Intel-based products.“

The initiative encompasses several key projects including Linux kernel enhancements (such as the „tickless idle“ feature that takes better advantage of power saving hardware technologies), the PowerTOP tool that helps tune Linux applications to be power aware and the Linux Battery Life Toolkit to measure and instrument the impact of Linux code changes on power savings. Additionally, provides Linux support for hardware power saving features being implemented in current and upcoming Intel platforms.

„Community contributions are a fundamental part of Oracle’s* long-standing commitment to Linux and our collaboration with Intel in projects such as is another proof point,“ said Wim Coekaerts, vice president, Linux Engineering, Oracle. „ can help customers reduce data center power consumption and make use of the latest hardware technologies, while further advancing the development, adoption and deployment of enterprise Linux solutions.“

„In response to customer demand for power savings across their entire IT environment, we’ve implemented significant features in Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 5 that allow our customers to minimize their carbon footprint,“ said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of Engineering at Red Hat. „These include virtualization that enables server consolidation and highly efficient resource allocation, and support for the power management capabilities provided by the latest Intel processors. Red Hat continues to work closely with Intel to provide customers with ecologically sensitive solutions, and we look forward to actively contributing to the project.“

„Novell* is working hard to be eco-friendly and customer-friendly at the same time by providing better power management technologies as part of SuSE* Linux Enterprise,“ said Jeff Jaffe, Novell executive vice president and chief technology officer. „We are committed to helping drive the technology forward as part of and providing value to our customers by incorporating that technology into upcoming SuSE Linux Enterprise releases.“

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