Lufthansa orders 41 new aircraft

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Lufthansa orders 41 new aircraft

Lufthansa orders 41 new aircraft

Lufthansa invests in the future/ Supervisory Board approves ongoing modernisation and expansion of Group’s aircraft fleets

The Lufthansa Supervisory Board has approved at yesterday’s meeting orders for 41 aircraft. 30 of the new aircraft from the A320 family are destined for service with Lufthansa in European traffic. Nine others of the Airbus 330-300 long-range type and two continental Airbus A320s will be joining the SWISS fleet.

Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Lufthansa Chairman and CEO said: “Our strong brand, our strong team and strong cashflow are making investments today into perspectives for tomorrow. That is good for our shareholders, customers, staff and system partners.” Successively from 2011, the Lufthansa fleet will be expanded and renewed with 30 short and mediumhaul aircraft. Of the total, 20 of the aircraft are Airbus A321s, four are Airbus A320s and six Airbus A319 jets. Mayrhuber emphasised: “We are modernising our continental fleet with the new aircraft and expanding our leading position in our European home market.“

“For SWISS, this investment is the reward for the successful turnaround, for courageous strategic measures, for an excellent performance by the team and successful integration in the Lufthansa fold. With the aircraft orders, the SWISS airline is underscoring its capability to compete“, Mayrhuber observed. The new Airbus A330-300s will replace the existing Airbus A330-200 aircraft in the SWISS fleet – deliveries are scheduled to begin in early 2009; the two Airbus A320s destined for SWISS will be joining the fleet from 2011.

The aircraft on order are noted for their high fuel efficiency as well as low-emission and noise levels. They will ensure that Lufthansa and SWISS continue their environment and climate-friendly growth. For the renewal and planned capacity expansion of the existing Group fleet, numbering around 500 aircraft, Lufthansa now has approximately 170 new aircraft, valued at over 14 billion euros (list price), on order.
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