Czech Airlines Gets a Facelift

17 Sep 2007 [10:52h]     Bookmark and Share

Czech Airlines Gets a Facelift

Czech Airlines Gets a Facelift

Along with its corporate revitalization plan, Czech Airlines (CSA) has also been gradually working on changes to its overall visual presentation over the past eighteen months.

These changes have already been seen in customer promotional materials and in new staff uniforms. The airline’s sales offices have also slowly been getting a brand new look. Czech Airlines recently redesigned its largest sales office, which is located in downtown Prague. The last phase of implementing the company’s new look is the redesign of the Czech Airlines‘ logo.

This process will not result in any additional costs to the company because the rebranding will be applied incrementally. „The painting of the outside of our planes has to be redone on a regular basis – roughly every five years. The Czech Airlines planes will therefore not be redressed in the new colors until they undergo their regularly scheduled maintenance,“ said Petr Pištělák, the company’s Vice President for Marketing and Product Development. The company will change its logo, as featured on all other materials and equipment, in a similar manner.

Marcela Fialková
External Communication Specialist

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