Lufthansa cooperating with German Athletics Association

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Lufthansa cooperating with German Athletics Association

Lufthansa cooperating with German Athletics Association

Airline is an official partner of the national athletics team

Lufthansa is increasing its commitment to sport. As an official partner of the German Athletics Association (DLV), it will in future support the national athletics team. Following the signing of a cooperation agreement, Lufthansa will be the Official Carrier for the association and the national team for the next three years. From now on, the DLV team will therefore fly to competitions and training camps in Germany and abroad exclusively with Lufthansa. In future, the DLV national team will also sport the Lufthansa logo on its uniforms at all competitive meets in Europe as well as at press conferences at world championships. In addition, Lufthansa and the DLV are planning joint campaigns with the athletes and trainers of the national team.

“We are delighted to be cooperating with the DLV, particularly in view of the World Championships in Athletics in Berlin in 2009,” said Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, at the official farewell for the athletes at Frankfurt Airport before they set off for their training camp in Osaka. “We are continuing to expand our commitment to sport and underlining our aim to be the ‘carrier for sport’ in Germany,” Antinori continued. DLV President Dr. Clemens Prokop added: “We are looking forward to cooperating with our new partner Lufthansa and we hope that on the wings of the crane we will soar to new heights in athletics.”

Lufthansa demonstrates its commitment to sport in a variety of ways. In addition to its cooperation with the DLV, the airline was for several years a partner of the National Olympic Committee, which amalgamated with the German Sports Association in May 2006. Since then, Lufthansa has been a partner of the newly founded German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB). Traditionally, being an official partner involves transporting the German teams to the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. Since May of this year, the airline has also supported the German Sports Aid Foundation as a national promoter. As a “carrier for sport”, Lufthansa has for many years also cooperated with the German Football Association and FC Bayern Munich. Earlier this year, Lufthansa was one of the main sponsors of the 2007 World Handball Championships held in Germany.
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