Motorola Introduces Open Software Platform for its IPTV Set Tops in North America

19 Jun 2007 [11:44h]     Bookmark and Share

Unleashing the potential of IPTV, Motorola today introduced a set-top software solution using an open Internet Protocol (IP) platform on its VIP 1200 series set-top boxes.

The KreaTV™ application platform uses the Linux Operating system to help support multiple entertainment and video service applications on Motorola’s VIP set-top series, allowing service providers and other third parties to easily customize and deploy revenue-generating applications via development kits and custom training on the toolsets. Interactive features such as programming guides, viewer voting tools, and advanced gaming can be seamlessly integrated by the service provider using the open-platform system in conjunction with third-party middleware and software providers.

Operators in North America can leverage the flexibility of KreaTV™ software to help introduce features like multi-room DVR, video on-demand (VOD) and interactive teleconferencing. The open KreaTV™ software solution is designed to meet carriers’ needs and to help satisfy consumer IPTV demand in any market.

Motorola’s 2006 acquisition of Kreatel Communications led to the addition of the open software platform on Motorola’s popular VIP set-top series.

“Motorola is building on our global IPTV leadership by extending the level of high-quality, on-demand and interactive services for consumers in North America on a proven hardware platform,” said Doug Means, Motorola corporate vice president and general manager. “The KreaTV™ open-platform software gives service providers a choice in working with the best IPTV allies and application developers.”

“As demand for IPTV services and set-tops continues to grow, service providers will be able to leverage an open system to bring together best-of-breed technologies and applications to deliver a truly next-generation experience to consumers,” states Michelle Abraham, principal analyst, In-Stat.

The Motorola VIP 1200 series with KreaTV™ is a compact, interactive IP set-top that supports high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) high-quality digital video. The KreaTV™ open software platform is integrated with leading North American middleware and conditional access applications to help provide IPTV users with a rich and secure viewing experience.

Motorola is demonstrating the VIP 1200 with KreaTV™ software at this week’s NXTcomm exhibition in Chicago. To date, Motorola has shipped more than one million IPTV set tops.

Paul Alfieri