Airbus ACJ Family leads in top-of-the-line corporate jet sales

23 Mai 2007 [08:03h]     Bookmark and Share

Airbus‘ Corporate Jet (ACJ) Family has won 14 firm orders since the beginning of the year, more than any other high-end top-of-the-line corporate jet, consolidating its leadership of the sector. Airbus also won firm orders for three VIP Airbus A340s, taking total sales of its corporate jets to 17 this year. The 17 orders represent a turnover of around $1.1 billion.

The orders highlight the strong demand for Airbus corporate jets, reflecting a strong overall aviation market, as well as an increasing awareness among customers of the greater space, comfort and modernity that they offer.

Airbus‘ ACJ Family, which comprises the A318 Elite, ACJ and A320 Prestige, is now firmly established as the preferred choice of individuals, companies and governments at the top end of the market, where it has led in orders since 2004.

The Airbus ACJ Family won ten firm orders in 2004, 15 in 2005, and 20 in 2006, which represents a doubling of orders in just two years. Its strong success is much greater than originally predicted in 1997, when the ACJ was launched, when Airbus forecast sales of 12 high-end corporate jets a year, of which it expected to win a half.

Airbus ACJ Family aircraft are now flying in every continent in a variety of roles that ranges from corporate shuttles to luxury homes in the air. Total sales of the Airbus ACJ Family now stand at well over 80 aircraft.

Every member of the Airbus ACJ Family features a cabin that is almost twice as wide as traditional business jets, offering unmatched space, comfort and ease of movement around the cabin.

In addition, all of the Airbus ACJ Family benefit from the most modern designs in their class, with built-in features such as fuel-saving aerodynamic design, weight-saving carbonfibre composites and cost-saving centralised maintenance delivering unmatched value and investment appeal.

All Airbus ACJ Family aircraft also come complete with a common cockpit, fly-by-wire controls and category 3B autoland – features lacking in other top-of-the-line corporate jets.

Total sales of the Airbus A320 Family, from which the ACJ Family is derived, now stand at more than 5,000 and the aircraft have some 240 customers and operators to their credit. These sales highlight the family’s widespread appeal, and also mean that, wherever a corporate jet customer flies, another operator will never be far away.