Intel-Powered Classmate PCs First To Ship In Volume To Emerging Markets

23 Mrz 2007 [09:30h]     Bookmark and Share

Intel Corporation today announced that Intel-powered classmate PCs are shipping in volume to emerging markets.

These affordable yet fully functional PC based on the Intel® Celeron® M processor is the first education-oriented mobile computer to ship in volume to Brazil and Mexico.

The Intel-powered classmate PC supports collaborative learning environments primarily for K-12 schools and is part of Intel’s on-going commitment and dedication to equip children around the world with technology that will help advance learning and development.

Intel also plans to run Intel-powered classmate PC pilot programs in more than 25 countries this year, including Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. This year, Intel plans for these classmate PCs to be available in such languages as English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

The Intel-powered classmate PC is part of the Intel World Ahead Program to tap the combined power of technology, curriculum and teachers to improve education in developing countries. Intel will work with these countries to establish plans that include working with local industry to provide Internet connectivity, offering professional training for teachers on how to effectively use technology to improve teaching under the Intel® Teach program and developing local content such as the science and math curriculum based on Intel’s skoool™. Intel’s skoool™ is an award-winning online digital learning tool that offers a scalable, multimedia, multi-device learning solution to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.

„Intel has a long history of supporting education initiatives driven by the belief that technology can open the world’s opportunities for students,“ said Willy Agatstein, Intel vice president for sales and marketing group and general manager for Emerging Markets Platform Group. „Our goal is to provide students with the 21st-century skills they need, such as collaboration and critical thinking, to help ensure that they’re prepared to succeed in the knowledge-based economy. We are working hard to help foster innovation, creativity and locally driven content and give children the support to communicate worldwide. We expect Intel-powered classmate PCs to be an important device to help in education as well.“

The Intel World Ahead program is the company’s comprehensive approach to bring uncompromised technology to everyone, anywhere in the world. Focused on people in the world’s developing communities, it integrates and extends Intel’s efforts to advance progress in the use of technology in four areas: accessibility, connectivity, education and content. Intel will invest more than $1 billion over the next 5 years in this program. Intel is also working with ministries of education in more than 30 countries to train 10 million teachers by the end of the decade on how to apply technology to improve learning, potentially benefiting more than 100 million students.

Intel is already working with local PC manufacturers, ISVs, education service providers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to ensure local requirements such as language and education programs are met. Classmate PCs are rugged and include features that are commonly found in today’s mainstream PCs (such as storage and built-in wireless), and are capable of running mainstream applications including video and educational software. These PCs are equipped with unique functions such as a water-resistant keyboard, an integrated educational feature set that allows teacher-student and teacher-parent collaboration, and an advanced theft-control feature using a network-issued digital certification. Intel works in each market with local software, hardware and communications companies that manufacture, distribute, service and support these Intel-powered classmate PCs. Additional information on Intel-powered classmate PC is available on