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Partnership with SatSports and HTC produces interactive application for tourism information

Vancouver, BC – Visitors to Vancouver will now be able to download a free application for their smart phones that puts a complete guide to the city in the palm of their hand.

The application, named „CitySmart“, was developed for Tourism Vancouver through a partnership with mobile navigation developer SatSports Ltd and smartphone manufacturer HTC. It’s the world’s first completely interactive tourist and sporting event mobile application, providing live updated tourist and event information, plus an advanced GPS system that provides detailed street navigation and breaking news on traffic situations.

„We’re excited to partner with SatSports and HTC on such a ground-breaking mobile application,“ said Tourism Vancouver’s Walt Judas, vice president of Visitor Services & Communications. „With live messaging and constant updates, CitySmart is a virtual tour guide in your pocket, assisting you at every step of your trip.“

Judas also thinks the application will be of interest to Vancouver residents looking for reliable local information as well as cab drivers and limousine services needing up-to-the minute reports on road closures, traffic blockages, locations and access points for major venues.

„This application is going to change the way host cities interact with visitors and event spectators, and HTC is excited to have our hardware showcased,“ said Francois Gravel of HTC. These devices, along with this integrated mobile application, will streamline Tourism Vancouver’s interaction with tourists by assisting them in giving directions and providing event information from all its visitor centres.

With SMS (text messaging) capabilities built in, the application also allows Tourism Vancouver to interact with visitors anywhere in the city, no matter what their activity. Application users will receive live updates (via text messages) that will notify them of points of interest, weather reports, traffic alerts and news flashes. CitySmart will also provide transit planning and emergency service contacts, along with visitor centre locations.

CitySmart is compatible with smartphones running on Windows and Android (Google) platforms (with a Blackberry version due at month-end and an iPhone version in development). It can also be downloaded onto PC’s and is compatible with existing PC software.

„SatSports has been revolutionizing sports experience through GPS hardware and mobile applications for six years,“ said Jean-Claude Baumgartner, managing director of SatSports Ltd. „With our new partnership with Tourism Vancouver, we’re going to be revolutionizing the visitor experience as well.“

Tourism Vancouver’s focus is on building exceptional customer relationships with meeting planners, travel influencers, travel media and independent tourists.

Picture: Carstino Delmonte/ (Archive picture)

Wendy Underwood
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