Boeing Delivers 75th 777 to ILFC

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Boeing Delivers 75th 777 to ILFC

Boeing Delivers 75th 777 to ILFC

The Boeing Company and International Lease Finance Corp. (ILFC) reached a historic milestone last week with the delivery of ILFC’s 75th Boeing 777.

Everett, Washington – The Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range) is leased to ILFC’s customer, Cathay Pacific Airways. ILFC has ordered 79 777s from Boeing since 1992, more than any other customer.

Cathay Pacific now operates 25 777s, with 22 more 777-300ERs scheduled to be delivered including two more to be leased from ILFC. The airplane delivered Wednesday will join the airline’s fleet of seven 777-300ERs, 12 777-300s, five 777-200s and 24 747-400s in passenger service.

The 777 family of airplanes is the market leader in the 300-to-400-seat segment. Since the first 777 went into service in June 1995, Boeing has continually grown the 777 family to include five passenger models and a freighter version. To date, 56 customers around the world have ordered 1,080 777s, making it the most successful twin-engine wide-body airplane on the market. Currently, Boeing has 360 unfilled orders for the 777.

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