Air France KLM Traffic Results October 2009

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Air France KLM Traffic Results October 2009

Air France KLM Traffic Results October 2009

Passenger: Load factor up 1.3 points to 82.5%, with capacity reduction (-5.6%) exceeding decline in traffic (-4.1%)
Cargo: Slight improvement in load factor to 67.7%

Roissy, Amstelveen –

Passenger business
In October, traffic once again declined less than capacity (-4.1% and -5.6% respectively) leading to a 1.3 point improvement in load factor to 82.5%. All the networks, apart from Africa and the Middle East, saw higher load factors. The group carried 6.3 million passengers (-5.3%). Although unit revenues remained under pressure, they recorded a lesser decline.  
–          On the Americas network, the decline in traffic (-4.4%) was well below the reduction in capacity  (- 8.1%). The load factor improved by 3.5 points to 88.9%.
–          The Asia network saw a 4.5% drop in traffic with capacity down 5.1%. The load factor gained 0.5 point to 87.4%.  
–          On the Africa and Middle East network, traffic was down 0.8% with capacity up 2.3%. The load factor declined by 2.5 points to 79.0%.  
–          The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network recorded a decline in traffic of 4.3% with capacity down 5.8%, leading to a 1.3 point rise in load factor to 79.9%  
–          On the European network, traffic declined by 5.5% with capacity down 7.2%. The load factor improved 1.3 points to 72.1%.

Cargo business*
The cargo load factor slightly improved, by 0.3 points to 67.7%, on the back of declines in traffic and capacity of 19.1% and 19.4% respectively.

*Both traffic and capacity data for October 2008 are pro-forma including Martinair