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With the incorporation of the airlines into Star Alliance the passengers of Avianca and TACA Airlines now have access to 21,500 flights a day operated by the 28 Alliance partner airlines in 1,356 airports in 193 countries.

Bogota – This Thursday in Bogota, Avianca and TACA Airlines announced their official entry into Star Alliance. The airline network is the world´s largest in terms of daily flights, route network, service excellence and number of airline members.

After two years of work in the approval process and with the adoption of the highest standards of operation and service, Avianca and TACA Airlines now offer passengers the opportunity to access this global network, which brings together 28 internationally renowned airlines. It operates more than 4,200 latest generation aircraft, servicing 21,500 daily flights to 1,356 airports in 193 countries

Star Alliance, with 15 years of experience (since 1997) is recognized as the first truly global airline alliance. Consistent with its goal of offering customers worldwide the largest number of destinations and a great travel experience, it now offers exclusive services and assistance to frequent flyers in 990 VIP lounges on all five continents. It has the support of nearly half a million employees located in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The Alliance transports an average of 650 million passengers per year and has sales revenues of  USD 160bn.

The combined Star Alliance network will provide Avianca and TACA Airlines an opportunity to strengthen their presence in Latin America and the Caribbean in general. Passengers of the global network can quickly and seamlessly fly to over 50 destinations in the region through Avianca and TACA Airlines Hubs in Bogota (Colombia), San Salvador (El Salvador), Lima (Peru) and San Jose (Costa Rica).

Referring to the entry of Avianca and TACA Airlines into the global alliance, Star Alliance CEO Mark Schwab, noted: „On behalf of the Executive Board of Star Alliance it gives me great pleasure to welcome Avianca and TACA Airlines into the Star Alliance network. The addition of these carriers strengthens our network in the rapidly growing Latin American market. Avianca and TACA Airlines will increase connectivity throughout the Americas with four hubs in the center of the Americas. Our travelers can now easily reach new destinations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean“.

Meanwhile, the CEO of AviancaTaca, Fabio Villegas Ramirez, said: „The addition of Avianca and TACA Airlines to this global alliance marks the beginning of a new stage in the organization’s business development and overall quality of our travel services. The more than 17,000 employees who make up Avianca and TACA Airlines all feel very proud to be able to offer our travelers a consistent worldwide service at the standards of the world´s most prestigious airlines. „

Multiple benefits for frequent flyers

Thanks to the entry into this alliance, travelers can now enjoy easier, more convenient travel. Star Alliance provides an online reservation system for passengers of all its member airlines. It also offers a joint check in process, which allows passengers the option to perform self-check in special kiosks to travel on routes with several different airlines. Baggage handling is made simpler with a single contact point for the traveler, regardless of how many trips and journeys are made on Star Alliance member airlines. Avianca and TACA Airlines LifeMiles members now have access not only to all the flights on the network, but can also earn and redeem miles from the best loyalty programs in the world.

About Avianca and TACA: With a modern fleet of over 140 short, medium and long haul aircraft and a workforce of more than 17,000 Employees, Avianca and TACA Airlines directly serve more than 100 destinations in 25 countries in America and Europe, which connect to over 750 locations served by interline and codeshare partner airlines around the globe. With over four million passengers in its frequent flyer loyalty program LifeMiles, the air group recorded combined annual sales revenues of nearly four billion dollars. Its multi-hub operating model offers passengers an unparalleled choice of flights and connections in Latin America through Bogota, Colombia, San Salvador, El Salvador, Lima, Peru, and San Jose, Costa Rica. The organization also offers a broad portfolio of aviation products and services, including air freight, mail, courier, specialized aviation support and tourism plans. Avianca and TACA Airlines joined Star Alliance this year. Star Alliance is the largest global alliance in the world in terms of daily flights, destinations and benefits for travelers. With its inclusion in this network, Avianca and TACA Airlines travelers can access over 20,000 flights per day in over 1,100 airports worldwide, offered by the 28 member airlines of Star Alliance. For more information visit, and

About Star Alliance: The Star Alliance network was established in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance offering worldwide reach, recognition and integrated services to the international traveler. Its acceptance by the market has been recognized by numerous awards including the Leadership Award at the World Air Transport Market, Best Airline Alliance by Business Traveler Magazine, as well as in the Skytrax passenger survey. The member airlines are: Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, AviancaTaca, Blue1, Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, THAI, United and U.S. Airways. EVA Air and Shenzhen Airlines have been announced as future members. In total, the Star Alliance network offers more than 21,200 daily flights to 1.356 airports in 181 countries.

Picture: Carstino Delmonte